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Bruce should have guessed it was too good to be true. A coffee outing that hadn't ended in disaster? His luck wasn't that good.

He had been walking back to the Tower with Carol, taking their time in getting back.

When there was a large explosion. Bruce looked up just in time to see a large A falling down from the top of the tower. "Look out!" He gives Carol a push, everyone around them scattering before the sign crashes to the street.

That was close.

There's a large flying vehicle that's embedded in the side of the tower. Flames are licking at the windows where it entered. Men in black outfits and masks sifting through the labs as they look for valuable research.

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Weren’t they just thinking about how superheroes never had any luck?

Before Carol had time to react, Bruce shoved her to the side. She was tough, but the A might have taken her out. In an instant, Carol’s morphing her civilian clothes into her Captain Marvel outfit – did she mention that she had that power?

“Bruce, I’ll see you at the top,” she shouted before taking off and flying up to where the labs were on the side of the Tower. There was no time to think, they needed to react immediately.

Carol landed on the wing of the plane and took a look at the vehicle and then the large mess of A.I.M. soldiers raiding the place. She groaned before dashing into fire to see what she could save or who she could punch.


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