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Bruce should have guessed it was too good to be true. A coffee outing that hadn't ended in disaster? His luck wasn't that good.

He had been walking back to the Tower with Carol, taking their time in getting back.

When there was a large explosion. Bruce looked up just in time to see a large A falling down from the top of the tower. "Look out!" He gives Carol a push, everyone around them scattering before the sign crashes to the street.

That was close.

There's a large flying vehicle that's embedded in the side of the tower. Flames are licking at the windows where it entered. Men in black outfits and masks sifting through the labs as they look for valuable research.

Hooray! I was wondering.

26/10/13 00:01 (UTC)
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Carol is really glad that Bruce managed to keep his pants even post-Hulk. That would’ve been weird to meet someone one day, see them Hulk out, and then see them naked all in the span of about three hours. She wanted to be friends with the Avengers, but come on, that was a bit much.

But she’ll certainly wait with him until he wakes up. So she goes over near – but not too near – where he’s lying and takes a seat. Carol places the bags net to her, but never takes her hands off them in case they have to make another quick exit.

I know that feel, bro.

31/10/13 02:25 (UTC)
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Carol lets out a breath, glad to see that her brand new friend (sorta) is okay. Her grip loosens on the bags she took with them.

"Bruce?" she ventures quietly. Carol moves back a little to give him some more room to breathe.

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31/10/13 03:17 (UTC)
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Carol rubs at the back of her neck before answering. "Ah...a good 3 levels of Stark Tower, some cars, a billboard...but hey, AIM helped. AIM did most of it."

She puts the bags down in front of him. "But you took a ton of them out and we saved whatever it was they were trying to take."

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31/10/13 03:28 (UTC)
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Carol also relaxed at hearing that everything is accounted for. She didn’t know the specific contents, but she did know that having Bruce’s DNA in AIM’s hands would be a disaster of epic proportions.

She nods at his question and smiles. “Yeah. He smashes good. He told me that I smash good, too. He also helped me out of the burning building. The other guy saved a lot of civilians today.”

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31/10/13 23:09 (UTC)
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“Yeah, it’s really good.”

Carol hovers to offer him a hand if he needs it. She rubs the back of her neck as she thinks about how to get them back to the city. “Well, I have a suggestion, but you might not like it. I can fly us back to into the city, but you’re going to have to either hang on to my back, or I’m going to have to carry you.”

She looked out across the open field. “Otherwise a lot of walking is in our future.”


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