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A quiet day in New York

Bruce should have guessed it was too good to be true. A coffee outing that hadn't ended in disaster? His luck wasn't that good.

He had been walking back to the Tower with Carol, taking their time in getting back.

When there was a large explosion. Bruce looked up just in time to see a large A falling down from the top of the tower. "Look out!" He gives Carol a push, everyone around them scattering before the sign crashes to the street.

That was close.

There's a large flying vehicle that's embedded in the side of the tower. Flames are licking at the windows where it entered. Men in black outfits and masks sifting through the labs as they look for valuable research.
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Weren’t they just thinking about how superheroes never had any luck?

Before Carol had time to react, Bruce shoved her to the side. She was tough, but the A might have taken her out. In an instant, Carol’s morphing her civilian clothes into her Captain Marvel outfit – did she mention that she had that power?

“Bruce, I’ll see you at the top,” she shouted before taking off and flying up to where the labs were on the side of the Tower. There was no time to think, they needed to react immediately.

Carol landed on the wing of the plane and took a look at the vehicle and then the large mess of A.I.M. soldiers raiding the place. She groaned before dashing into fire to see what she could save or who she could punch.
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She makes her way through the mess of soldiers, Stark employees, and fire, attempting to deal with each one properly as she encounters it.

Soldiers: punch. Employees: direct to stairs. Fire: well, can’t do too much about that right now. She tells one of the employees to call 911 as they make their way down the stairs, though she can’t imagine that the fire and police departments don’t know by now.

What the hell did AIM need so badly that they needed to crash into the side of the tower to get it?

Carol’s punched her way through a few of the AIM soldiers before making her way to the stairwell to let out a few of Stark’s employees. “Bruce! Welcome.”
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Carol followed Bruce into the lab and didn’t wait for him to say anything before she went to take out some of the soldiers. A fist to one’s face, and they went down. Then she turned to kick the legs out from under another.

That’s when she turned and saw Bruce slumped against some soldiers who were trying to carry him out. As important as his files and samples were, she didn’t want them to get him.

So Carol flew at them, sending the soldiers and Bruce sprawling across the room. She would apologize to him later, but drastic times and measures and all that.

“Not today, jerks!” she said as she picked up one of the unconscious bodies and tossed it at another group of them. “Bruce, how you hanging in there?”
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Carol blinked a little at the request. “Hit you?” But immediately after questioning him, she understood. It was time for the Hulk to make any appearance.

“Okay. Sorry, Dr. Banner.” And then she pulled back her arm and punched him in the gut. It wasn’t nearly as hard as she couldn’t punched him, but still probably harder than he was used to.

Another group of A.I.M. soldiers burst into the room, so Carol glanced over at the doctor before running forward to take them all on. Hopefully that hit was enough.
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Carol threw an elbow into one of the soldier’s faces before throwing her fist into the next one into the room. Hell, she could do this all day. Thanks, enhanced stamina.

As soon as she leveled that group of men, she glanced back to see how Bruce was doing. Mmm, okay, yep, they would shortly be having a visit from the Hulk.

So she wouldn’t interrupt that process. Carol grabbed one of the bags that A.I.M. had tried to take out and put it on a table top away from the doorway.
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As much as Carol had tried to mentally prepare herself to coming into close proximity with the Hulk it’s still a little jarring when Bruce gets bigger and greener.

Still, she is insanely impressed with how the Hulk is, well, smashing. Carol dodges the swinging table and comes up with a kick that levels another A.I.M. soldier. God, how many of these jerks were there? They just seemed to keep appearing.

Once the soldiers stopped streaming into the lab, Carol grabbed some of their abandoned bags and went towards the hallway. It was going to be hard to contain a fire up here and she didn’t want whatever A.I.M. wanted going up in smoke. Dr. Banner might not be that pleased.
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Carol admires someone else who likes punching things as much as she does. She ducks his swing toward her and she puts up her hands. “Hulk, I’m a friend. I’m Captain Marvel. I helped you smash these guys.” And then she ducks the swing that comes right after that.

Hopefully she can dodge the rest of his swings. Her advanced durability makes her one of the only people around who could probably take a hit from him and get right back up. But still, no need for that if she can help it.
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Ha! I bet! :)

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Carol lets out a breath and nods. Okay, at least he seems to understand that they’re on the same team. “We’re punching the guys in yellow.” And she demonstrated it by punching another one that popped up from lying on the floor.

“Good smashing,” she continued, looking at his work on the vehicle. Who should they call for the cleanup? Stark had to know that there was a problem with his building and Jarvis must’ve alerted someone. Carol took a few steps to pick up another bag that A.I.M. had tried to carry out.
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How can you not? It's so sad!

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“Gah!” Carol lets out a surprised yelp as she’s scooped up and they just out the side of the building. She could’ve easily flown down to the ground, but she’s definitely not going to argue with the large green man. And she’s not being smashed, so, that’s cool.

Once they hit the ground she flies out of his arms before he can dump her on the ground. “Thanks for the ride, Hulk.” Carol shoulders the bags just in case they have to do any more running. Or flying. Or jumping.

An A.I.M. agent on the ground runs at them and Carol shoots a photon blast at them to put them back down.
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Oh man. I fear that the new Coulson is a life model decoy. I hope I am wrong.

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Awww, yay! The Hulk is saving people from being crushed! Also that move with the car was sweet; all Carol has done is throw a motorcycle at some bad guys.

Carol’s still floating in the air. When not throwing photons at oncoming A.I.M. agents, she’s barking orders at local police and citizens to get everyone out of harm’s way. It’d be a little easier without the large bags, but she isn’t taking any chances.

“Hulk, to your right!” she calls out as she sees some soldiers trying to flank him.
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Classic Whedon in holding all of that back. Rawr.

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Carol is still impressed at how well he smashes. The Hulk is one hell of a powerhouse. Carol notices another group of them coming toward the Hulk. Instead of warning she just shoots forward through the air and sends them flying - it almost looks like bowling pins. "How many of these jerks are there?"
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Or the end of the season. Avengers 2 is gonna have a lot of people in it!

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Which Carol is assessing right now. The guys seem endless. The lab is still smoldering, which means everything they could want is in the bags over her shoulders.

"Hulk! Follow me." She didn't know if he'd follow, so she picked up one of the soldiers and tossed him at the Hulk. "Let's get out of here." And then Carol soared up, patted the bags, and then started on a path out of the city that hopefully the Hulk and A.I.M. would both follow.
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Probably. But I really liked Tuesday's episode. Hopefully it keeps getting better!

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Oh, shit. Carol didn’t realize he could propel himself forward like that. If that’s the case, then she’ll actually try this time. She leans into her flight path and just shoots off. The Hulk will probably be able to keep up. AIM…maybe not so much.

And in no time, they’re out of the city.
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Yes, agreed! I am getting more and more concerned for Coulson, though!

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"You were awesome, Hulk," Carol said as she floated back down to the ground (but still out of arm's reach).

"And best of all? We saved a good deal of what they were trying to get. The rest probably burned up." And then she thought about all the damage to Stark Tower and hoped that Tony wouldn't hold that against her when she officially applied for the Avengers.
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Agreed. Let's hope. Joss owes it to us!

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Actually Carol was going to take that as a major compliment. When the Hulk tells you that you smash good, you must really smash good. “Thanks,” she said with a grin.

Now that they were out of the action she retracted her helmet so that her hair could hang free. Then she placed the bags on the ground. She wasn’t sure what to do now. Did she wait for him to turn back into Bruce? Did they call someone to check that AIM was rounded up? Either way, Carol was feeling awesome after kicking some major ass.
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Hooray! I was wondering.

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Carol is really glad that Bruce managed to keep his pants even post-Hulk. That would’ve been weird to meet someone one day, see them Hulk out, and then see them naked all in the span of about three hours. She wanted to be friends with the Avengers, but come on, that was a bit much.

But she’ll certainly wait with him until he wakes up. So she goes over near – but not too near – where he’s lying and takes a seat. Carol places the bags net to her, but never takes her hands off them in case they have to make another quick exit.
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I know that feel, bro.

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Carol lets out a breath, glad to see that her brand new friend (sorta) is okay. Her grip loosens on the bags she took with them.

"Bruce?" she ventures quietly. Carol moves back a little to give him some more room to breathe.
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Carol rubs at the back of her neck before answering. "Ah...a good 3 levels of Stark Tower, some cars, a billboard...but hey, AIM helped. AIM did most of it."

She puts the bags down in front of him. "But you took a ton of them out and we saved whatever it was they were trying to take."
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Carol also relaxed at hearing that everything is accounted for. She didn’t know the specific contents, but she did know that having Bruce’s DNA in AIM’s hands would be a disaster of epic proportions.

She nods at his question and smiles. “Yeah. He smashes good. He told me that I smash good, too. He also helped me out of the burning building. The other guy saved a lot of civilians today.”
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“Yeah, it’s really good.”

Carol hovers to offer him a hand if he needs it. She rubs the back of her neck as she thinks about how to get them back to the city. “Well, I have a suggestion, but you might not like it. I can fly us back to into the city, but you’re going to have to either hang on to my back, or I’m going to have to carry you.”

She looked out across the open field. “Otherwise a lot of walking is in our future.”